Anjula Devi – Authentic Indian Food.


Indian cookery expert Anjula Devi is on a mission: to get people making authentic Indian food in their own homes. Taking inspiration from the recipes and techniques passed down by her father, she’s a firm believer that to make great-tasting Indian food all you need is just a small range of spices and some simple equipment. 


“You can discover a treasure chest of incredible recipes and flavours, you just need to take the first few exciting steps…”


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 14.33.13Want to make great-tasting, authentically-spiced Indian dishes? There’s no better place to start than with Anjula Devi’s fantastic ‘how to’ recipe book, designed to show that everyone can make healthy Indian food, full of incredible flavours and aromas, in their own homes. With top tips and a glossary of spices, it includes step-by-step instructions for Anjula’s masala base, as well as easy-to-follow recipes for chicken, lamb, prawn and vegetarian dishes, starters, rice, breads and chutneys.

Find out more and buy the book for £5.99 here. 


And if you’re looking for the right kit to help you make them, we’ve worked with Anjula to create the Authentic India range of products that’ll soon be available online and in store. From flavouring curries to fluffing chapatis, every one is designed specifically for the job in hand. 

71883_2Wooden Chapati Pin £5.99 – now available!
Fatter in the middle and thinner at the sides, this pin is perfectly shaped for creating authentic chapatis. Simply shape your dough into balls, coat with a little flour and roll out on a flat surface.




71884_2Wooden Chapati Fluffer £5.99 – now available!
For an authentically light and airy texture, gently roll this domed beechwood press into your chapatis while cooking to fluff them up.




71882_2Ginger Scraper £4.99 – now available!
Remove just the skin, not half the flesh, with this specially designed ginger scraper. Easy to use, the flat top takes off just the skin, leaving the rest of the root behind for use in flavouring delicious dishes. 




72041_1Balti Dish £7.99 – now available!
Beautifully shaped, this small stainless steel take on the traditional Indian serving bowl makes a lovely, authentic way to present your food.





Samosas with a difference – baked not fried! 

Find out more about spices, and Anjula’s Masala Dabba

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