I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas…

Nothing is more festive than snow, but while there’s no guarantee that this Christmas will be white, why not have a green one instead? Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean we should stop caring about our planet, especially when the festive season tends to involve a lot of plastic waste, unwanted gifts and leftover food. It’s for that reason our lovely buyers have sought out lots of products with great eco credentials to add to our range of eco-friendly crackers and gifts.

Our most eco-friendly crackers ever

Everyone loves a cracker on Christmas Day, but no-one is a fan of all that hard-to-recycle waste you’re left with once they’ve been pulled. This year, our buyers have gone out and found greener alternatives so you don’t have to miss out on this fun tradition – our bigger-and-better-than-ever range of Lakeland Christmas Crackers are all made from glitter-free, foil-free, fully recyclable card, so they can go straight in the recycling when you’re done, packaging and all. And the only plastics you’ll find anywhere inside them – our Cracker Symphony whistles and Racing Pigs in Blankets – are either made out of biodegradable ‘ecoplastic’, or come with a storage bag so you can keep them safe and use them over and over again.

Racing Christmas Crackers

If you’ve ever wanted to race a cute little piggy (we know you’ve thought about it!), our Racing Pigs in Blankets Crackers are the perfect way to bring a bit of fun to your dinner table. Well, you can never have too many pigs in blankets at Christmas, can you? Pick your favourite pig (they’ve all got a different festive sweater), pull it back to wind it up and release to see it go wee wee wee, all the way to the finish line.

Or if bowling is more your thing, you’ll love our Gingerbread People Bowling Crackers. Each cracker features an adorable wooden gingerbread person bowling pin inside – simply set up the six pins on the ‘bowling alley’ and take turns to knock them down with the candy cane-coloured bowling ball! And because both of these reusable games come with a storage bag to keep them in, you can get them out to play with year after year.

Whether you’re a little bit musical, enjoy a festive tipple, or can’t resist a luxury chocolate, we’ve got the perfect eco-friendly cracker for you. You’ll be glad to know our Nutcracker Decoration Crackers are back, and we’ve introduced a pack of gin-lover’s crackers and our 12 Days of Christmas Crackers, filled with luxurious gifts made from sustainable bamboo – lovely things you’ll keep, like a dice, spoon, honey drizzler, juicer, scoop and plant labels.

Fill your own Christmas crackersAll of our crackers are eco-friendly, but none more so than our Bee Friendly Seed Crackers. As well as a hat and a joke, each contains a gift for you, and for our wonderful friends, the bees, in the form of a sachet of borage flower seeds to brighten up your garden and help keep the world’s food supply ticking along! We think they’re blooming marvellous, and hope that you do too.

If you prefer to add your own gifts and treats, we’ve got you covered with our 12 Days of Christmas Fill-Your-Own Crackers too – because you can tailor the contents to the individual recipients, there’ll be no unwanted gifts left on the table at the end of the meal.

Planet-friendly presents

There’s no need for the gifts you buy for loved ones to cost the earth – literally or figuratively! Whatever they’re into, we have something to tickle their eco-friendly fancy.

What better way to start the New Year than taking your own packed lunch to work, whether it’s leftovers from the night before or freshly made sandwiches. But it’s even better if you pack it in a pretty reusable container or wrapper too, reducing the need for cling film and other single-use plastic packaging. Decorated with a lovely leafy print and made from sustainable cork, bamboo and glass, Typhoon’s Good to be Green range is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to make lunchtime more eco-friendly with their coordinated Lunch Box, Lunch Bag, Travel Mug and Glass Water Bottle.

No coffee lover would want to miss their daily fix, but you can make their brew greener with the Eden Project Coffee Capsule Gift Box. This pack of 60 Nespresso-compatible coffee pods features six delicious organically grown coffee blends, but the best thing is that every pod is completely biodegradable, so you don’t have worry about any difficult-to-dispose-of waste – just pop them in your compost bin and they’ll break down. Now doesn’t that feel good?

Eco Gifts Aarke Carbonator

When you’re entertaining, the last thing you want is to run out of fizzy drinks. With Sodastream’s Crystal and Spirit and Spirit Electric One Touch sparkling water makers, you can turn boring old tap water into delicious fizzy drinks at the touch of a button – you can even flavour them too. Or why not go for the beautifully sleek and stylish Aarke Carbonator 3 – with six different finishes to choose from, including Copper, Gold or Black Chrome, this super-efficient and stylish fizz maker will make a statement in any kitchen. And as an added bonus, your recycling bin won’t be quite so full of plastic waste at the end of the festive season thanks to their reusable bottles and recyclable gas cylinders.

And if it’s just not party time without a drink with a straw, why not swap single-use plastic straws for our funky alternatives – try some biodegradable and compostable Gold Paper Straws, or these Stainless Steel Snowflake ones? They’re perfect for sipping a cocktail or spiced cider at parties.

Eco Friendly Heated Textiles

If you’re looking for a way to keep your loved ones warm and snug over the festive season without them having to turn up the heating, beat the chill with one of our beautifully soft and cosy heated throws. Heating yourself, rather than your house, is efficient on energy, and who wouldn’t love finding the luxurious Alaskan Husky Faux Fur Heated Throw, the grey Velvety Soft Heated Throw or a luxuriously thick Herringbone Mustard Heated Throw under the Christmas tree? Mmmm… toasty toes!

Eco-friendly leftovers

Christmas is a time where we tend to over-cater, just in case… but what to do with those tasty leftovers when you just can’t stomach anything else? Our range of planet-friendly storage solutions will help food stay fresh and tasty for the rest of the year (unless those late-night munchers get there first!).

As useful as it can be, cling film creates a lot of waste, so why not swap it for a more planet-friendly alternative, such as these lovely printed Fabric Food Covers, or these beeswax wraps. Brilliant for wrapping those all-important turkey butties, covering plates and bowls of leftover festive fodder, or for keeping the cheese platter fresh, beeswax cotton wraps are reusable and compostable at the end of their lives – and you can use them as firelighters to light your stove too. And they’re pretty as well as practical, available with a lovely woodland or riverbank design. If you’re not a fan of beeswax, our leaf print Reusable Vegan-Friendly Leaf Food Wraps are impregnated with plant-derived rosin and waxes instead.

After all that Christmas food and indulgence, there’s nothing like a walk in the fresh air to get you feeling good again. Don’t forget to take a drink when you go. The rCUP Recycled Coffee Cup is ideal for a warming drink when there’s a nip in the air, and remember to fill a reusable water bottle. We love the bottles from our Woodland Trust range, and whenever you buy something from the collection, we make a donation to help the Woodland Trust reach their tree-planting goal. How good is that?

So, go green this Christmas and it’ll be easier to start the New Year off with a clear conscience. For more ideas, check out our full range of eco-friendly gifts.

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