5 vegan BBQ grilling recipes

Summer is here. The sun is (hopefully) shining. That can only mean one thing – it’s time to get the barbie out. If you’re new to a vegan diet, or you’re considering making the switch, you might be starting to worry about what you can eat at all those summer barbecues you’ve been invited to. Worry not. There are lots of delicious vegan barbecue recipes to enjoy, and lots of great substitutes you can make, so you can enjoy all the deliciousness that alfresco dining has to offer this summer.

Can vegans eat barbecue?

Of course! There’s no reason for those on a vegan diet not to enjoy the barbecue season just as much as everyone else. With delicious meat-free alternatives like grilled veggies (grill halved aubergines in tin foil for delicious results), marinated tofu and vegetable skewers, veggie burgers or sausages and so much more. Grilled portobello mushrooms make a great burger alternative too – add a slice of vegan cheese and your favourite condiment for a real taste sensation. There are also lots of meat substitutes in supermarkets now, thanks to the rise in the popularity of veganism, so there’s never been so much choice. We’ve put together some of our favourite vegan recipes below to get you started on your delicious summer adventures.

5 Vegan BBQ recipes

It just isn’t a barbecue without a burger, so here are some delicious vegan burger recipes for you to try, as well as a tasty side dish and even a scrumptious vegan dessert.

Beetroot BurgersBeetroot Burgers

Filled with chickpeas to make sure you get your protein hit, the lovely sweet taste of the beetroot in these burgers combines nicely with the fresh taste of coriander, finished with a kick thanks to the chilli powder. Yum. This recipes makes 6 burgers that are sure to be a hit with your vegan and non-vegan friends alike.

Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Bean BurgersRed Pepper and Sweet Potato Bean Burgers

We love a sweet potato. Is there a food more delicious, healthy and versatile at once? We don’t think so. And it makes a great burger too. We’ve added red pepper for an extra-sweet taste, and sweet chilli jam for a gentle kick, as well as cannellini beans for added texture and protein. Pop in a brioche bun with some smashed avocado, and you’re on to a winner. Our recipe makes 4 quarter pounder burgers.

Spiced Carrot, Chickpea & Cheddar Veggie BurgersSpiced Carrot, Chickpea & Cheddar Veggie Burgers

Substitute the cheese in our scrumptious veggie burgers with a vegan cheese alternative, and you’ll have yourself a banging burger that everyone will love. Carrots, chickpeas, peanut butter powder and coriander combine to make a truly unique and delicious burger, with a cheesy surprise hidden inside. This recipe serves 4 and includes a recipe for kachumber salad to serve as a tasty vegan side dish.

Oriental Mini Sweetcorn SkewersOriental Mini Sweetcorn Skewers

Sweetcorn skewers are a long-standing barbecue tradition. And with good reason – they’re delicious. And our oriental version makes them even more delicious still, combining ginger, hoisin sauce, soy sauce and fiery chillies. Swap the honey with agave syrup to make them vegan-friendly.

Barbecued Pineapple Wedges with Coconut & ChocolateBarbecued Pineapple Wedges with Coconut and Chocolate

Not tried grilled pineapple before? You’re missing out. This summery dessert is super-easy to make and full of tropical flavours with pineapple and coconut, finished with a sprinkling of your favourite vegan chocolate (which’ll melt nicely on the barbecue) for a deliciously unique dessert that’s sure to be a real crowd-pleaser.

What can’t vegans eat?

While the answer may seem obvious, there might be some surprises also. Simply put, vegans can’t eat anything derived from animals, like meat, milk, eggs and honey. These ingredients are included in many recipes that you wouldn’t expect, so it’s always important to check labels carefully.

Simple vegan swaps

There are lots of easy swaps you can make though, especially as the vegan market has boomed in recent years, giving you far more choice with milk alternatives (great for making vegan ice cream), as well as a wider variety of vegan cheeses. Hello, vegan pizza. And honey can easily be substituted with plant-based agave syrup for your sweet recipes. Plus, vegan chocolate is now widely available too, so you really don’t need to miss out. As you can see in our recipes above, it’s really easy to make simple ingredient substitutes to make existing recipes vegan-friendly, really opening up your culinary horizons.

What are you waiting for? Invite your mates round, get your barbecue out and start sizzling those tasty vegan treats.

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