Make your own Easter Eggs

There’s no better way to show you care than by giving a homemade treat this Easter – it shows you’ve really put some thought in and your creations will be gratefully received. 

It’s also a great way to have fun in the kitchen, especially when you can get little ones involved too. Easy to use, our Easter Egg Moulds includes moulds for 2 large and 36 mini eggs, which will look really professional when presented as gifts.

Easter egg lock up

Melt Chocolate

A cool surface is essential for tempering your melted chocolate to achieve a shiny professional finish – our granite chocolate makers slab is perfect! The definition of tempering is to introduce hardening crystals into melted chocolate to make it shiny, smooth and so it shrinks slightly when set. Award-winning British Master Chocolatier Paul A Young has shared his foolproof method for tempering chocolate – read ‘how to temper chocolate‘. 

Pop from the the mould

Well-tempered chocolate is easier to remove from a mould, as it shrinks away, but using a flexible silicone mould will also help make things easier. 


We got a lovely shimmery gold finish on our eggs by brushing edible silk lustre powder
Why not give ganache a go – perfect for the mini eggs! Follow Paul A Young’s easy recipe and how to make ganache guide for perfect silky smooth results you will want to make again and again. 


Because everyone loves a home-made treat… 


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