Enjoy fresh gelato…

…with no ice cream maker in sight.

With these Italian-made mixes on standby, it’s so easy to make authentic gelato with no expensive specialist equipment required. Using only an electric whisk, a bowl and your freezer, you can be enjoying a delicious home-made taste of la dolce vita that will prove tempting to absolutely everyone.

Just as milk and cream to the mix in a bowl, whisk everything together then place in a container or cake mould and freeze. In as little as 3 hours you’ll be rewarded (for not much work) with beautifully whipped, creamy alternative to ice cream.

Take a look at our range of Italian-made gelato mixes, here.

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“From ice cream cones to party showstoppers, these delicious Italian produced mixes are a fabulous alternative to home-made ice cream.”
Rebecca, Food Buyer




It’s divine as it is, but just look at the amazing things you can do with it!

r81009_1Layered Gelato Cake 

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Made using the Lakeland Italian-Style Mixes 




r81025_1 (1)

Gelato Shortbread Gateau 

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Made using the Lakeland Italian-Style Mixes 





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