Easter Baking Ideas

The Easter bunny may bring chocolate, but there’s always room for cake! And whether you go all out with a gravity-defying centre piece or keep it traditional with simple Simnel cakes or Hot Cross Buns, we’ve stacks of recipes to inspire your Easter baking – there’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth and suit every level of baking ability…


White Chocolate Mini Egg Blondies 
Soft, chewy and loaded with chocolate chips and mini eggs, these fudgy blondies are the fairer cousin of the rich, dark brownie, and every bit as delicious! With a lovely crunch from the sugary ‘eggshells’, they’re a perfect treat for Easter.




Crackin’ Easter Chick Cake 
With a little help from our Hemisphere Cake Pans, and a little decoration, you’ll soon be hatching a new Easter baking tradition in the form of our adorable spring chick, peeping out of his shell. Cheep cheep!



Mini Mirror Glaze Easter Cakes 

We made ours super-shiny using super-easy mirror glaze for a guest-impressing finish.




Spring Pearls Mini Tiered Cake 

There’s no reason why small cakes can’t get the showstopper treatment, and this bijou bake, made in our 3-Tier Mini Cake Pan Set, is petite, perfectly formed and dotted with edible ‘pearls’ for a fabulous finish!


Secret Lemon Surprise Ring Cake 

If you’re looking for a way to give guests a wonderful surprise when they dig into their delicious slice of cake, filling the secret pockets inside this zingy ring of lemony loveliness, baked in our Fillables Fluted Ring Cake Tin, will more than do the trick!



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Traditional Hot Cross Buns 

Toast them or just smother them in butter for a perfect teatime treat!

Made using the Lakeland Multi-Purpose Oven Tray 





Individual Simnel Cakes 

Perfect dinky portions just right for gifting

Made in our 12 Cup Mini Sandwich Tin





Cinnamon & Honey Hot Cross Buns 

Tear, share and enjoy this yummy Easter treat together

Made using the Lakeland 30cm Loose-Based Round Deep Cake Tin






Bunny Cakes 

Cute bunny bakes that are the best we’ve ever seen or tasted!

Made using 1 Medium and 2 Individual Hemisphere Cake Pans






Flooded Egg Cake 

This decadent bake is just dripping with good taste!

Made using our Lakeland 18cm Loose-Based Sandwich Tins





Egg Cascade Cake

Create your very own tumbling tower of chocolate eggs

Made using the Anti-Gravity Pouring Cake Kit and our Easter Egg Moulds












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