Here at Lakeland we’re not big fans of faddy diets and starving ourselves, so when we found out that the first step of Joe Wicks’ ‘Lean in 15’ plan is to banish your weighing…
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Discover the secrets to perfect pastry

Although it’s widely believed that pastry is one of the more challenging culinary techniques to master, our guide is here to show you there’s no mystery when it comes to making mouth-watering pies, pasties and…
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Hedgerow Harvest

All preserving begins with the picking and this is the time of year when nature’s harvest is at its best and ripe for the taking. Capture nature’s bounty… Most fruit can be bought out of season,…
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Blackberry Crumble Bars

These delicious Blackberry Crumble Bars are made in our Loose-Based Baking Pan and take advantage of fresh blackberries, desiccated coconut and tangy lemon juice   Ingredients 115g granulated sugar, plus 1 extra tbsp 290g plain…
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